Don’t give away your traffic!

Many publishers or media buyers are able to monetize only a little part of their traffic. One reason could be, that the offered products can convert only to english desktop-users.

This results in a distorted conversion rate, because of those users, that don’t belong to the targted group.
If the quota of non-qualified traffic becomes too big, this could be the end of a campaign.

But couldn’t it be more convenient, if you are able to send only the realizable traffic to your own landing-pages?

And what about the traffic, that doesn’t fit to any defined target-group?

Das Problem
Die Lösung

What if, …

  • you would be able to identify your visitors by reference to: country, device, provider etc. ?
  • you would be able to activate prearranged landig-pages to certain days of the week / daytimes?
  • you would be able to know, which visitors have already seen the respective landing-page?
  • you would be able to lead your visitors to the appropriate products by reference to the mentioned features?

TRAFFIC-ROUTER is a software that was created to do definitely that and much more.

Traffic Targeting – identify your visitors

For the differentiation of the visitors and the individual provisioning of the best offer for each user, you can choose and combine between the following filter options:

DE, AT, CH, ...
Smartphone, Tablet oder Desktop
Connection type
2G/3G/4G, WIFI
DE:Vodafone, DE: T-Mobile, ... AT:Hutchison
Time / day of week
hours, days of week
Recurring visitors per day
1.,2., ... >5. visit
Recurring visitors per hour
1.,2., ... >5. visit
Adobe Flash
Installed / Not installed
Operating System
iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux
Browser / User Agent
Firefox, Chrome, ... Opera

TRAFFIC-ROUTER operator’s guide

Following options help you to manage your traffic:

  • Targets – Set your URL to channel your traffic
  • Campaigns – Divide your traffic into different campaigns for the better opimization/investigation of your traffic
  • Campaign Rulesets – Create your own rulesets for the smart traffic-distribution
  • Statistics – Analyse your traffic

Create Rules

To faciliate your first steps to TRAFFIC-ROUTERs, we provided some video tutorials. These video tutorials are only available in German at the moment.


  • Traffic-Router is fast. Already in the standard-setup it can manage up to 500 requests per second.
  • With the easy to use and intuitive interface you can create also complex rulesets.
  • Traffic-Router was developed in a modular way to satisfy even individual customers wishes.
  • In the price included is also the binding to our IPValue IP-database, that allows the world-wide detection of the connection-type.
  • With a few clicks you are able to create reports and export them to PDF or CSV.
  • Visual chart-analysis helps you to optimize your traffic-flow.



I ordered the free trial version to do a test on
I wanted  too see if it is somehow helpful for me.
The setup for a first test was quick and logically to handle for me.
Directly after this test I ordered a full version and it´s worth every cent
because I safe a lot of time and generate much more from my traffic and
can easy separate in the way I wanna have it at the same time.
I can recomend this perfect tool also for Media Buyer, Traffic Manager
and all other people who have traffic and wanna convert in the best possible way,
generate more money from it and safe a lot of time.

"GGG" Guenter
Webmaster, Site Owner, Media Consultant,

We have seen that morecash, an affiliate network which uses traffic-router sends us traffic
that converts up to 4 times better than any other partner/customer.
Because of that we are currently looking into finding a way to integrate traffic-router into our system.

Jan Hauke
H&R Media GmbH,

Traffic-Router rocks!
It is THE perfect tool that gives you a lot of optimization opportunities within an easy-to-use interface.
Analyzing traffic sources makes much more fun and it is a joy to see the data in a fancy and clear way.
Redirecting traffic has never been easier.

Charles Ferrari
Next Lead Generation GmbH,

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Yes, you can also combine TRAFFIC-ROUTER with systems like Hasoffers and take the advantages of both systems.
For furthe questions contact our support.

We would be glad to help you to find the best fitting technology for you to intergrate TRAFFIC-ROUTER in your system.

Therefore we provide you the following options:

  • “Redirect”
    • Visitors are redirected to TRAFFIC-ROUTER before they visit the respective website/landingpage/affiliate system/offer.
    • TRAFFIC-ROUTER chooses the best fitting website/landingpage/affiliate system/offer and will redirect the visitor.
  • “Server to Server”
    • The user-metrics will be sent to an existing system through our TRAFFIC-ROUTER API. TRAFFIC-ROUTER will output the matching target-URL.
  • “Client to Server”
    • The visitor will be redirected through a Javascript-Code.
  • “Proxy/Legacy”
    • To integrate even bigger systems with no possibility to change the target-URL, TRAFFIC-ROUTER brings the so called Proxy-Mode. TRAFFIC-ROUTER will work like a “Http-Proxy” for the domains when the appropiate DNS has been switched to the TRAFFIC-ROUTER.
    • If the visitor isn’t suitable, he will be retargetet to an appropiate offer.

Yes, we support both, although these aren’t strictly required for intergration.

You can set up callbacks or S2S trackings as often as needed.

The setup of a new tracking will be made by our technicians or a person trained by us.

There is no traffic-limit. TRAFFIC-ROUTER can be scaled to the customer’s requirements.

We offer support during business days by e-mail or phone. We offer also schoolings for customers, if requested.

If TRAFFIC-ROUTER have been leased as “software as a service”, a 24/7 support for a trouble-free business and reachability of 99% / year, will be included.

For setups on customer’s servers, a 24/7 support can be optionally hired.

TRAFFIC-ROUTER was developed in a modular way to satisfy even individual customers wishes. If you miss something, please contact our support and we will make you a special offer.

No, TRAFFIC-ROUTER doesn’t have an affiliate management. But it fulfills any requirement to be integrated into an existing affiliate system. Please contact our support and we will make you a special offer.

Yes. Our customers with the STARTER EDITION have the opportunity to test TRAFFIC-ROUTER up to 14 days long.

The STARTER-EDITION of TRAFFIC-ROUTER has a limit of 1,000,000 clicks or 100 clicks / second during the testing-mode. It’s also not possible to evaluate callbacks or a server-to-server-tracking.


99,00 €

per Month

1 million clicks / month

unlimited campaigns

unlimited campaign-rules

unlimited target-URLs

up to 100 clicks / second

real-time reporting

leads / sales reporting

Custom Parameter Forwarding

14 days free trial
399,00 €

pro Monat

15 million clicks / month

unlimited campaigns

unlimited campaign-rules

unlimited target-URLs

up to 500 clicks / second

real-time reporting

leads / sales reporting

custom parameter forwarding



unlimited clicks

unlimited campaigns

unlimited campaign-rules

unlimited target-URLs

unlimited requests per second

real-time reporting

leads / sales reporting

custom parameter forwarding


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